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A Time of Giving Thanks – Our Clients

We are grateful for your business. You have entrusted Garlow Insurance Agency to insure your most valued possessions — your family, life, home, and belongings. We know each and every day can be full of its own stress factors. But, today, you have peace of mind knowing we are working to protect your financial security, tomorrow.

What Happens Next: After an Automobile Accident?

Let’s imagine despite your best efforts you’ve had an automobile accident. What should you do immediately? And what other steps should you take? If and when you are involved in an automobile accident call 911, take photos and call your Garlow Insurance Agent. We’ll take it from there.

Disco Bear Lee

Bear Lee is flashing waaaay back on this Throwback Thursday! All the way to the 70's to remind you to "Stay Alive".  While that's wonderful advice, Garlow Insurance Agency can do him one better when it comes to Life Insurance. Actually, SEVERAL things better! Garlow...

Easy, Simple and Convenient Life Insurance!

Easy, Simple and Convenient Life Insurance! If the last time you applied for Life Insurance was several years ago, a LOT has changed  — Including the complexity of life insurance applications. The application process now, is quite simple.

Don’t be Bear Lee Insured

There seems to be an odd focus on saving you time when purchasing insurance. 14 minutes? 5 minutes? 1 minute? I suppose that can be a good thing. We certainly do all we can to speed things up and let you get back to your day. However, the primary focus at Garlow Insurance Agency, Inc. is saving you money TODAY and TOMORROW.