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It’s Bear Lee Christmas!

It's Bear Lee Christmas! Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas from Bear Lee Insured! Say, What's the deal with Christmas songs, anyway? They don't make sense to me.

Is Your Insurance Ready for Winter?

Winter has come. And with winter, comes winter weather – ice, snow, and the inevitable cold air that makes you see your own breath and makes the holidays so brisk! Living in West Virginia, there are several options on how to handle the cold. You can either huddle up...

Gabby’s Sewing and More

"Gabby's Sewing and More" is a local, family-owned and operated sewing company that provides professional and trusted sewing, quilting, alteration services and much more to their customers. Their friendly, attentive staff is made up technicians that have...

Woodcraft by Rick Rutledge

Are you looking for a gift for a special someone this Christmas? Or maybe for yourself? Longtime friend of Garlow Insurance Agency, and client, Rick Rutledge is creating unique pieces from trees sourced from his own farm in Putnam County. Please stop by...

A Christmas Insurance Poem

Twas weeks before Christmas and wouldn't you know it? An electrical fire destroyed our tree and presents below it. Ma and children were fine; the fire was quickly contained. But what would we do for Christmas? Twas time to file an insurance claim. Our Garlow Agent was...

Boxes with a Purpose

Garlow Insurance Agency is partnering with Boxes With A Purpose and The Union Mission to make a difference in the lives of local families, this Christmas. Boxes with a Purpose Helping Bring Christmas Joy to Children in Foster Care Adopt a...

A Time of Giving Thanks – Our Clients

We are grateful for your business. You have entrusted Garlow Insurance Agency to insure your most valued possessions — your family, life, home, and belongings. We know each and every day can be full of its own stress factors. But, today, you have peace of mind knowing we are working to protect your financial security, tomorrow.

What Happens Next: After an Automobile Accident?

Let’s imagine despite your best efforts you’ve had an automobile accident. What should you do immediately? And what other steps should you take? If and when you are involved in an automobile accident call 911, take photos and call your Garlow Insurance Agent. We’ll take it from there.

Disco Bear Lee

Disco Bear Lee is flashing waaaay back on this Throwback Thursday! All the way to the 70's to remind you to "Stay Alive".  While that's wonderful advice, Garlow Insurance Agency can  also offer quality Life Insurance. Bear Lee is a great disco dancer, but we do not...