Easy, Simple and Convenient Life Insurance!

Filling out paper formsIf the last time you applied for Life Insurance was several years ago, a LOT has changed  — Including the complexity of life insurance applications. The application process now, is quite simple.

No longer is an application 30+ pages of paper. And it no longer requires an in-person or in-home appointment with a pencil full of lead on hand. WHEW!

Can we still schedule in-person appointments? Sure! if that is what our client wants, we accommodate you. Is it necessary? Not at all!

99% of the applications we submit for Life Insurance are electronic, whether the client is in my office or over on the phone. It’s fast, convenient, and convenient for those who don’t have time to add another appointment to their schedules. The full application process can take under 10 minutes. Depending on the total amount of life insurance requested, one call may be the only thing standing between uninsured and the peace of mind granted with an “in force” life insurance policy.

Easy, simple, and convenient!

Bridget Washburn
Life Sales Manager

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You protect your car and home, why not protect your family?
Life insurance is important protection for your family.